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Who is Clear Vision?

Clear Vision is a company that provides solutions for accredited investors and successful established Entrepreneurs/business owners with entertainment business and real estate deals that need capital to become more profitable to connect through joint venture partnership and profit sharing.


What does Clear Vision do?

We bring together money with successful entrepreneurs & business owners, business plans, business ideas; whereby the need for capital can grow a company, together in joint venture partnership, to become a very profitable and successful endeavor.


What products/services does Clear Vision offer?

Clear Vision, specializes in providing cash equity funding from accredited investors and institution investors for the purposes of investing in independent film productions, TV productions, music productions, live music concert tours/events, and any and all current, and/or upcoming live, digital and all other entertainment companies that produce creative content within collaboration with Clear Vision.


Why Clear Vision?

 Simple answers: 

AWe help people.

B.We are in business to be the best.

Why Clear Vision?
AWe help people (entrepreneurs, business owners, clients, customers, consumers, writers, agents, lawyers, accountants, accredited investors, institutional investors, brokers/dealers that represent accredited investors, investment bankers that represent accredited investors, financial advisors that represent accredited investors, wealth managers that represent accredited investors, music artists, film  makers, directors, producers, content providers, radio stations, TV  stations, streams, platforms, distribution companies, entertainment  technology companies) achieve their goals, vision, mission, dreams and win easily.

Win / Win

Our goals are clear:
*We help accredited  investors and institutional investors make more money by providing  investment opportunities with Clear Vision that provide more of higher returns on their investments in future.
*We help the  Entertainment entrepreneurs and entertainment companies that require  money to grow  their businesses, by creating quality creative content in Film, TV, Music, Media, Sports, Multimedia, Advertising/Marketing, Videos  Games, Distribution, Live Performances tours, Writers, Fashion,  Entertainment Technology.
*We help the community by giving back to charitable organizations in each community.

B. We are in business to be the best.
We will create Win/Win outcomes by providing the best services and solutions:

Serve the best

Create the best 

Provide the best 

Give our best

#1 in film productions and distribution

#1 in TV productions and distribution

#1 in Music Production and distribution

# 1 in strategic partnerships

 # 1 in Entertainment Technology 

#1 in streaming creative content 

# 1 in Advertising and Marketing 

#1 in revenues

# 1 in profitability

# 1 in employer satisfaction 

#1 in customer service 

#1 in compliance 

# 1 in strategic partnership

 #1 in charitable giving



Meet Our Principal Partner/Producer

Jonathon Freeman-Anderson - Principal Partner / Producer

Jonathon  Freeman-Anderson is a producer, actor, writer, drummer, stand-up  comedian, and DJ who has worked on a variety of feature films, short  films, music videos, television shows, web series, documentaries, and  commercials, since 2010. Jonathon also writes and edits entertainment  and special event previews, interviews, and reviews for Los Angeles Film  and Music Online and for the All Access Music Group. In addition, he  holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theater from California State  University Northridge. Having worked both in front of and behind the  camera, Jonathon is well versed in the processes of film production. He  has a strong passion to produce art of high quality and high  entertainment value. Jonathon has grown a deep love for his local music  scene and a passionate drive to help local acts gain larger audiences  and exposure. Jonathon has performed with and recorded drums in the  desert grunge rock outfits, Dirty Cakes, and The Dirty, percussion for  the aggressive acoustic rock duo Roses Painted Red, briefly with the  punk outfit, White Flag Down, Asopiram, Down on Driver, and Maggot  Mother Ship. Dirty Cakes had two top ten international hits, “Never  Alone” and “Luv To See You Naked,” while Jonathon was in the band. As a  producer, Jonathon brings energy, compassion, and experience to  every project.



Target Investment Opportunities for Accredited and Institutional Investors

Who are Clear Vision's Clients and Customers?

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Business Owners 
  • Accredited investors* with $500,000 - to - $5,000,000 or investable assets desiring to invest in Entertainment or Real Estate
  • Film Makers with an experienced team and great original content
  • TV producers with an experienced team and great content
  • Independent Music Artists with an experienced team and original content
  • Songwriters and Musicians with an experienced team and original content
  • Music producers with an experienced and knowledgeable staff
  • Entertainment Technology Companies with innovative product or content
  • Writers with an experienced team staff and great content
  • Distributor companies with established clientele
  • Media Advertising & Branding Promotions Companies
  • Sports Franchises
  • Real Estate Developers with proven successful track records
  • Real Estate Entrepreneurs with experience and portfolio in the field

Why should Accredited Investors invest their money into Clear Vision Entertainment investment opportunities?

  1. The solutions for any accredited investor who will invest money  with  Clear Vision, is for the accredited investor to receive an impressive return on their money.
  2. Clear Vision will be focused on providing quality service to the accredited investor to achieve investment plans and goals.
  3. To create a 'win-win' potential outcome for the accredited investors and Clear Vision. We will work to be a big success when we come together as a team with a goal to grow a  very profitable  entertainment company.
  4. The accredited investor will appreciate the experience of the team with an excellent track record - a team of writers, producers, directors, film  makers who have made very profitable and successful entertainment content.
  5. The opportunity to be a part of creating  very profitable and successful creative entertainment content, including: movies, TV series, music, video games, and entertainment technology. 

How does Clear Vision make money or generate revenue?

Clear Vision joint ventures with entertainment entities to create, market, distribute and sell quality content.

Business model/ business operations:

  1. Create/make the product - the creative entertainment content such as film productions, TV productions, music production 
  2. Market the completed creative entertainment productions
  3. Distribute and sell the creative completed entertainment content 
  4. Revenues are generated from all sales of entertainment content 

When will the accredited investor receive their money back and receive the return on investment?

  • 12 months - to - 2 years: short term investment 
  • 3 years - to - 7 years or longer: long term investment

What are the Use of Funds for the investment?  

The investment money will be used to pay for operational and marketing expenses, including, but not limited to the following: payroll, producers costs, directors costs, writers costs, talent costs, production staff, office costs, office staff, office supplies, food costs, housing, transportation, wardrobe, set design, set construction, sound stage and studio costs, production equipment, lawyer fees, accounting/booking costs, insurance for all production costs, security, post production costs, marketing, advertising, and distribution.

Required Documents from Accredited Investor:

Accredited investors are required to submit the following documents as verification to make an investment in this opportunity:

  1. Copy of last two years tax returns
  2. 12 months recent bank statements 
  3. Past two years Brokerage accounts statements , financial statements, and balance sheets
  4. Last two years of Pay stubs and W2's

Process for the Accredited Investor who is ready to invest money now:

  1. Contact Clear Vision to speak with a representative and leave  your full name,  phone number, email address, the amount you have  available to invest, and best time to contact you for more information  and to answer any and all questions if the representative is not  available.
  2. Clear Vision will send the accredited investor KYC personal financial statements to fill out and sign to verify  that the investor is in fact an accredited investor.
  3. Clear Vision will email the accredited investor an NDA to review, sign and return via email
  4. Clear Vision will email PPM Private Placement Memorandum, which explains the investment opportunities to the accredited investor. 
  5. Accredited investor who wants to invest will review, sign and return the PPM acknowledgements via email.
  6. The accredited investor wires the investment dollar amount to Clear Vision.

*What is an Accredited Investor?
To  be an accredited investor, a person must have an annual income  exceeding $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for the last two years  with expectation of earning the same or higher income in the current  year. An individual must have earned income above the thresholds either alone or with a spouse over the last two years. The income test cannot  be satisfied by showing one year of an individual's income and the next  two years of joint income with a spouse. The exception to this rule is  when a person is married within the period of conducting a test.

A  person is also considered an accredited investor if they have net  worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with his  spouse. 

An entity is an accredited investor if it is a private  business development company or an organization with assets exceeding $5  million. Also, if an entity consists of equity owners who are  accredited investors, the entity itself is an accredited investor.  However, an organization cannot be formed with a sole purpose of  purchasing specific securities.

In 2016, the U.S. Congress  modified the definition of an accredited investor to include registered  brokers and investment advisors. Also, if a person can demonstrate  sufficient education or job experience showing their professional  knowledge of unregistered securities, they too can qualify to be  considered an accredited investor.


SEC Form D - $1,500,000,000 capital raise:


EDGAR Filing Documents - $1,500,000,000 capital raise:




Clear  Vision Clear Path Inc. / Clear Vision Music LLC is not a financial institution and this is not a  security offering. This is a summary of our understanding of the  funding program. This is neither an offer to lend nor a guarantee of any  funding. Any financing will be subject to approval, executed contracts  or joint venture agreements between all parties involved, and other  restrictions. Terms and conditions are provided in the agreement and are  subject to change.  Securities will only be offered by exemption or  registration. Any reference to other types of investments is for  comparison purposes only. Any security offering made by our company  under exemption or registration is likely to perform differently from  such types of investment and will not have any insurance or guarantee.  Our documentation may include predictions, estimates or other  information that might be considered forward-looking. While these  forward-looking statements represent our current judgment on what the  future holds, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could  cause actual results to differ materially. You are cautioned not to  place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements, which reflect  our opinions only as of the date of your viewing the documentation, including, but not limited to, marketing materials , emails, mobile correspondence or corporate websites. We  are not obligating ourselves to revise or publicly release the results  of any revision to these forward-looking statements in light of new  information or future events.  All policies and procedures are regulated  by state, federal and international financial governing bodies and must  be followed exactly and completely in order for the process to be in  compliance and successful.

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